Post Delivery Rehabilitation


How might your vagina change after childbirth? Women experience a myriad of changes when they give birth. From weight gain to mood swings to post-partum depression, being a new mom can really change your life. Added to getting used to the new “you”, you may also need to get used to your new vagina if you had natural childbirth. 

Common Changes

What are some of the common vaginal changes post-childbirth? First, realize that your vagina may take several months to a year to return to the pre-birth state. For many women, especially older moms, their vagina may never be the same. 

  • Vaginal Dryness – After childbirth estrogen levels may plummet. Breastfeeding may increase the estrogen fluctuations. Your body may experience vaginal dryness. This affects numerous aspects of life, from bladder control to sexual intercourse. Many women find they have incontinence. Pain or discomfort during intercourse may increase. Some women learn to live with the changes. Sometimes the body heals itself. However, some women will seek medical help to alleviate symptoms. 
  • Perineum Soreness – During childbirth, a woman’s perineum may tear. In some cases, the doctor needs to address deeper tears, often referred to as third-degree and fourth-degree tears. The doctor may perform an episiotomy to help the infant make their grand delivery. Pain and soreness are common. Sitz baths help alleviate the pain, as well as applying warm water with a squeeze bottle. Constipation can also result. 
  • Scar Tissue – Scar tissue can be expected after vaginal delivery. While minor lacerations and damage will heal, many women find that the scar tissue causes regular pain and discomfort. Most doctors will require no physical intimacy for several weeks to help the area to heal properly. If the pain does not subside, speaking to a health professional about treatment options can be necessary.
  • Wider Vaginal Opening – A baby the size of a cantaloupe made his way through the relatively small opening. Women who have delivered children with a large head, multiple babies, or had a big baby often experience a much wider vaginal opening post-delivery. This may lead to awkward problems like tampons slipping out or less enjoyable sexual intercourse. 
  • Weaker Vaginal Muscles – Women may experience much weaker vaginal muscles accompanied by a looser vagina. The combination makes for incontinence and less enjoyable intercourse. Kegel exercises can help strengthen muscles. 

Incontinence – You might walk, jump, laugh, sneeze, or cough and suddenly wet your pants. During childbirth the pelvic floor is damaged, muscles are weakened. This leads to noticeably increased incontinence. Vaginal tightening, Kegel exercises, and physical therapy may address this issue. 

Treatment Options

You can experience a wide variety of uncomfortable symptoms due to childbirth. Thankfully FemiLift rehabilitates the vaginal area by restoring damaged tissue without surgery and harmful drugs. FemiLift can strengthen and tone your vaginal area. Increase flexibility and strength with FemiLift. This holistic remedy uses state-of-the-art technology to bring the best natural results. The patented thermal heating system from FemiLift helps the body build up blood vessels and collagen. This increases new healthy tissues, supporting your bladder to reduce incontinence and increase physical pleasure during intimacy. Feel like you again with FemiLift.

Call our seasoned professionals at the Women’s Rejuvenation Centre. We specialize in helping women feel amazing about their bodies again after childbirth with our FemiLift treatment option. Contact us today. Our friendly staff will be happy to speak with you.