Want to reverse the clock on your body? Vaginal rejuvenation safely alters the vaginal anatomy externally or internally to deal with many common, and uncomfortable, serious women’s health concerns. Many different procedures, products, and creams are recommended to deal with issues like vaginal dryness, incontinence, and reduced sexual satisfaction.

Vaginal tightening may help reduce incontinence due to childbirth, help with vaginal dryness, and deal with many sexual issues that result due to age, childbirth, or menopause. Many women who give birth vaginally find that they experience several common problems:

  • Lack of estrogen for new moms that don’t breastfeed may lead to uncomfortable vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal dryness may lead to additional pain and discomfort during intercourse
  • The perineum and vagina have increased soreness, especially if torn during the delivery
  • A tear or episiotomy may lead to scar tissue and damage in the vagina
  • The vagina may be wider, affecting intercourse
  • Vaginal muscles may weaken
  • Incontinence, especially if coughing, laughing or jumping, can be embarrassing
  • The pelvic floor may be damaged
  • Weakened muscles negatively affect orgasms
  • Sexual intercourse may be uncomfortable, more difficult, or result in less sexual pleasure

Additionally, changes in hormones over time may cause many of these same symptoms. However, vaginal tightening may address some of these issues. Laser vaginal tightening is a non-surgical way to address some of these issues. 

How Does Vaginal Tightening Help?

With vaginal tightening, vaginal laxity or atrophy from childbirth or menopause is reduced significantly. This laser procedure uses a fractional CO2 laser to quickly emit small laser pulses to contract and heat the collagen fibers of vaginal tissue. New collagen production results, leading to tighter vaginal walls. Improved blood supply increase sensation and feeling in the vagina. 

What Can I expect?

The procedure can last about twenty minutes. Because it is non-surgical, patients do not have to undergo anesthesia. The procedure is not painful, although there might be some minimal discomfort initially. This is lessened by having your health professional apply a numbing cream a half hour before the procedure. 

Most patients find results after a single treatment. However, each patient needs an individual treatment plan that fits her body’s specific needs. Some patients find that a few months of treatments leads to longer-lasting results. 

Patients do not need to worry about extensive downtime after the procedure. Minor spotting or discharge may result. However, most women can return to regular activities right away. 

Improve Your Quality of Life

In the end vaginal tightening can alleviate vaginal issues and result in less laxity, better lubrication overall, increased sexual function, and increased sensation. The procedure also addresses issues like incontinence and itching. Patients who have extenuating health concerns like early menopause from chemotherapy or women who cannot undergo estrogen therapy benefit from this process. 

Enjoy a better quality of life with this simple procedure. Vaginal tightening will help you return to a more vibrant you. Contact our helpful staff at Women’s Rejuvenation Centre today. Our friendly staff will gladly answer your questions and schedule your first consultation with our experienced staff. Call us today.